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David Reynolds spent his early years of writing living in Alaska, working as a fisherman and carpenter. Often working long stretches in remote areas, he embraced the isolation and untamed wilderness as inspiration for songcraft. Outfitted with a notebook, acoustic guitar, and a powerful singing voice, he writes of wanderlust, adventure, human connection, and wonderment of the natural world.

Reynolds self-released his first collection of these songs, titled Partial to Blue. The simple acoustic-and-vocal recordings captured the songs in a raw form, almost as if hearing them around the campfire. He went on to record several more albums, notably the EP Evergreen, with the track In Full Uniform quickly receiving acclaim. Reynolds resides in Pennsylvania and has several projects currently in production - including an upcoming full-length album.


"David Reynolds is a singer/songwriter of the acoustic folk-rock persuasion. Though he often plays solo on stage, his powerful voice and percussive guitar playing create a full sound that emanates through the room and fills the space with a strong resonance. Many of Reynolds' songs were written while on the road, and his lyrics give listeners the sense that they are traveling along with him. He sings of high and low points in life, but through them all there is a string that threads each of the songs together... a sense of encouragement and hope." -Libby Sterling, Capital City Weekly

"I think when you can actually feel the music as it's happening, you know that it's for real. He left everyone in the room wondering what was next." - Brad Frederickson, The Sound


"Among the Trees"

Unreleased Video - Please do not use for promo until Release Date April 1. 2024).


"In Full Uniform"



David has an upcoming EP release in 2024, along with a full-length album currently in production. Plenty of song and music video releases coming soon!